How to Complete a Muffler Installation – Fast Car Video

A functional muffler vital for two main reasons. It reduces engine noise and keeps the back pressure under control. Therefore, a damaged or worn-out muffler is often unable to perform one or both tasks.
It is possible to follow the guidelines below to learn how to install an muffler.
1. Make sure you get your vehicle parked prior to removing the original exhaust.
2. Remove the battery and disconnect it through loosening the nut which is holding the ground cable onto the negative end. The car will not be shifting while you work to fix it.
3. Jack, the vehicle to enable you to work beneath it.
4. If your muffler is secured with bolts that have accumulated corrosion, spray the Muffler with penetrating water to make sure the bolts are soaked. They will be easier to unlock.
5. Make use of a socket for loosening the nuts of the Muffler.
6. Clean the exhaust pipe, and muffler away.
For completing the installation of the muffler follow the link above. This video provides a complete guide to all steps of the installation. r5tgtxgfa7.

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