This Mod Turns Minecraft Into Fallout – Andre Blog

In the future, it will be updated to more recent versions. What is this mod supposed to perform? It helps make Minecraft games appear more like Fallout. This is the method.

You’ll be amazed at how different things appear as you begin to emerge in your new world. Instead of seeing fields of green or forests, you’ll find yourself in a sturdier bunker. This is because you are actually starting either under or beneath the water in your very own bunker! The bunker is equipped with ceiling lamps and beds along with airlock doors. Airlock doors and ceiling lamps are both new additions that are crafted from an effort to survive. They are the ideal for your own customized bunkers. The bunker you create can be according to your preferences within Minecraft. You could choose to expand your bunker however you’d like. You can expand it with an library or the ball field. It’s all up to you and the group of friends! To make sure you have a seamless experience gaming with friends, be sure you choose a trusted hosting provider like Meloncube.


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