Are You Making These Common Window Mistake? – Daily Objectivist

Features if you’re not using them correctly. The video “top 5 mistakes everyone is making with windows! (even experts)” examines the most common mistakes people make with windows. It also provides tips to make sure you are using your windows to its full potential.

One of the most frequent mistakes made by people with windows are that they aren’t aware of how much insulation windows require and can damage their windows with abrasive cleaners. Some of them are letting drafts through due to a cracked sealant or poor caulking. Also, they do not use weatherstripping on all sides of the exterior doors.

Making sure you avoid mistakes in windows and window treatments helps to avoid wasting money on heating energy that could easily escape from a poorly closed window. Concerning the thermal security of your windows, there’s an important number. It is called the R-value. It is a measure of the resistance of an object to heat flow.

For this reason, it will help to always look for windows that have higher levels of insulation. You can still take steps to boost the efficiency of lower-rated windows. Talk to your window technician regarding the additional steps they would recommend for improving the energy efficiency of low-rated windows.


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