Fun Ideas for Easy Wedding Reception Food – Articles About Food

The wedding smorgasbord could not be the most exquisite image, but nonetheless it’s certainly smart financially. Which guests are likely to refuse free pizza in the final hours? Instead of having expensive catering inside your home, or having to choose the menu of an outside caterer who will prepare your meal, you can request mass delivery from your local cafe. Takeout is an extraordinary backup to casual evening gatherings and for essential choices like pizza, TexMex and sandwiches, your last expenditure should be under $10 per individual.

Most decent restaurants should be able of accommodating 150 to 200 people if they’re notified quickly (usually at least a week ahead of). Chipotle and other fast-paced chains can be a safer option since they might accept day-prior orders and delivery day-of. Do not negotiate menu prices without discussing it first. Numerous cafes will happily reduce the price of the temporarily-available food item.

Closing Up learned about some ways to cut costs on drinks and other food items to your wedding, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you can use the money for other activities like your honeymoon. For guests to bring their drinks for the buffet, or even catering as well as making drinks on your own (mixed drinks) you can save thousands of dollars by being creative and having fun while having fun. Do not be scared to dress the event with a wedding DJ service, or even an event rental and be the DJ for your event. Make sure you have insurance for your event.


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