Ideas for a Small Kitchen Remodel – Confluent Kitchen

Ideas for a small kitchen remodel Simple and effective method of making your room appear bigger. White is the ideal color to visually expand the small kitchen. Yellow is a great color for creating a warm happy kitchen which gives off a country vibe, even inside the city. The green color symbolizes peace and tranquility as well as the beauty of nature. Pale green and teal are popular colors that can be used as an accent to white kitchens. To complement the effect include some floral arrangements and delicate green planters.
12. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of more space, that’s a fact. But, most people make use of them in bathrooms or bedroom and never consider making use of them in the kitchen. A super-sized mirror that spans an entire wall and reflect back onto a table or countertop in the kitchen can make a huge impact. Mirrored splashbacks and cupboards could be used to get similar effects.

13. Pick a single sink

Small kitchens will require the proper sink. Butler-style single sinks are getting more and more sought-after. A single sink with a handle is more suitable than an additional one which takes up too much space and can make your kitchen appear smaller. Single butler sinks are perfect for small kitchens since they are deep enough to hold your pots and pans yet they take up a tiny space. The other benefit is that it’s easy to conceal debris or dishes you don’t want in the sink, especially if you have a last-minute person is expected.

14. A compact dishwasher is the perfect option

Because they are compact dishwashers that are small, homes with small kitchens are able to use smaller kitchens can use them. For kitchens that are small, you will benefit from the changes in the performance of compact dishwashers. They’re only 150mm bigger than regular dishwashers (660mm). The addition of a compact dishwasher can be one of the best ideas to make a kitchen smaller.

15. Install a slimline Fridge

For small kitchens, a slimline refrigerator is a great option. Slimline refrigerators are excellent for smaller households. However,


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