What to Know About Environmental Test Chambers – Martod

This helpful video produced by Thermotron will provide more information on Thermotron’s devices.

Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental features of these tests devices.

What is an environmental test chamber? These test chambers provide the possibility of testing the life span of your item under certain environmental stressors. You can exaggerate a given nature of stressor in the environment and calculate the effects of temperature and different conditions throughout time.

This makes it possible to, for instance, determine in a short time how well a product or component will perform over an extended period of time. Instead of waiting for findings of data from real-world applications or long-term testing to come in, you can create anticipated product lifespans faster.

Types of environmental test chambers include temperature test chambers, humidity chambers for testing and thermal shock test chambers, and combination test chambers.

Based on this knowledge it is possible to provide more precise specifications as well as estimated lifetimes of your own development and research, as well as for the benefit of your customers.


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