Who Can Help Me With Unemployment? Try These Tips – Financial Magazine

It’s an excellent idea to make a sale of valuable objects such as electronics and jewelry in the beginning of your job search. Money earned from the sale of such things could aid in bridging the gap between work and home and offer cash to cover expenses.

You may also be able to find an opening at a pawn shop, especially if you have experience in sales or customer service. You can ask your local pawn shop if they are hiring and what positions are on offer.

Local Government Services

In the area you live, there may be resources available through local government services that could help you pay costs for additional items, like hourly childcare on behalf of the child. If you’re wondering who can assist me when I’m unemployed and other issues, the most effective place to begin is to look for the kind of assistance you could qualify for in your own city.

In addition, several cities are home to an Department of Human Services that gives assistance in form of food stamps, health insurance coverage, and other forms of aid. You may also receive assistance with the job search. If you have children then your Department of Human Services will often be able provide assistance with the child’s needs.

Local Non-Profit Organizations

If you’re seeking assistance with your unemployment issues and/or job loss, your church or non-profit organization is a great source. Many churches and non-profits provide assistance with job searches. It includes assistance in applying for and writing resumes, and also providing interview preparation and support. You may also find that they can offer financial assistance to pay the costs of searching for work.

There is a chance that you could qualify to participate in assistance programs if have a membership and in good standing with religious groups. Think about speaking with your pastor , or other church officials about any programs that might be open to you. Many churches provide renaissance-themed programs.


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