Listen to a Local Testimonial for Leprotec – InClue


Leprotec has a range of products that can help reduce growing problems caused by pests. It’s important to remember that pests are able to change to the pesticides employed by the growers. If these products are not consistently rotated the effectiveness of their products will diminish with time. In order to prevent pests from adapting, Leprotec products can be rotationally used every year. For greater effectiveness, they can be combined with products available on the marketplace. One of the growers mentioned in this video describes how he uses this strategy.

Spear-lep is one of these product. Numerous growers have explained that this product is available with a 0 day pre-harvest interval. This means it can be sprayed on the crop at any time before harvest. Other competitors do not have this characteristic, meaning the spraying time is limited to specific times.

Overall, the video will be helpful for mass growers looking for an effective pest control solution. There are a variety of products available in the marketplace which are effective, and these testimonies show that growers are effectively applying Leprotec.


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