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The new buzzword is “smartphone”. A lot of people have heard this term, but aren’t sure about what it means, and others might have no idea and have never had the chance to hear about it prior. The idea of being overwhelmed can seem daunting when technology moves at the rate it does. It can be even more daunting to try and learn about this new wave in technology. The video on YouTube “What is Minting NFT for Beginners NFT Minting Training” is designed to assist beginner miners dip their toes into the NFT pond.
What is NFT Minting? and why should you care?

Let’s begin by defining the definition of what NFT is. NFT (also known as a Non-fungible Token) is a unique digital identifier. It cannot be copied, making it extremely significant. There are many NFTs are worth the same amount. It is determined by the individuals who may be interested in purchasing the asset. NFTs could be sold for as high as $1000 000,000.00. Some NFTs have sold for only less than a couple of dollars. Many things can qualify as an NFT, including artwork or music, tweets or videos.

Minting an NFT involves the creation of an NFT in a blockchain. The owners of NFTs earn money making money by selling NFTs. Artists have the chance to earn money for their digital age.


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