What Kind of Attorney Do I Need? – Susana Aguilera

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There is a chance that you’re not sure what type of attorney that you require if you suffer injuries on the job or lose a loved one due to occupational diseases or workplace injuries. An attorney who is specialized in workers’ compensation will guide you through details such as your rights to benefits as well as the degree of company’s responsibility, to enhance your chances of success. A lawyer will help you gather evidence to prove that your injury was caused by working for the employer you work for, even if your employer contests the claim.

3. Corporate Attorney

They are also known as corporate attorneys. They represent companies when they are involved in disputes as well as ensure that all transactions adhere to the relevant federal, state and local legislation. Legal tasks typically include the resolution of disputes over liability, intellectual property, patents and formation, mergers or acquisitions of businesses. Their day-to-day work may include negotiations over contracts, writing and revision of legal documents, performing legal research, and sometimes aiding businesses in obtaining small-business beginning loans.

4. Employment and Labor Lawyer

If you’re dealing with issues at work, such as the discrimination and harassment, the termination and negotiating a package of benefits or looking at a job offer, it’s possible to wonder what type of lawyer I require. Employment and labor attorneys provide legal counsel to both employees and employers. It includes matters that concern pension security pay and hours as well as workplace harassment, discrimination and other benefits. Even though the roles of labor and employment lawyers frequently overlap, the labor attorneys concentrate on collective bargaining and management relations with unions, while legal counsel for employers deal with matters that occur at non-union workplaces.

5. Entertainment Lawyer

If you’re working in the industry of entertainment, and you’re facing legal concerns, including the theft of intellectual property, contra


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